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April 5, 2017
September 18, 2014
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Known for their ergonomic, gaming chairs, Secretlab wanted to launch their new line of chairs. The Throne V2 will take over the company’s flagship product while retiring the Throne V1 and the OMEGA chair will be marketed as the most premium chair the company can offer. They approached us to help them craft a brand new website with emphasis on design aesthetics and user experience.


In this frenetic and fuzzy age of advertisements and web content, one thing is clear to us: the way we present products to consumers must be different. Lots of E-Commerce websites bombard you with millions of SKUs and hundreds of customization options. Almost all of them includes at least a slider on their homepage, expecting you to wait for the slides to loop.

It is precisely because the internet is so prolific with marketing lingo and tech jargon that jumping onto the bandwagon at this point of time is equivalent to diving into an ocean of noise.

In a world of chaos, we want to be minimal.


We iterated and refactored our design countless times, over and over. Until it became clear to us what we should be working towards.

A remarkable balance between clarity and focus. We wanted to show off the Secretlab chairs. Flaunt it, because it’s not just a chair, it’s a work of art. Countless hours of industrial design and thought put into the chair is obscene. It is different from other chairs, so we decided to focus the design around the chairs.


We put in the most work on the front page of the website. We know that first impression matters. Therefore we wanted the chair to catch your attention right away on load. Even the gradient was designed to subtly pull your eyes towards the chair.

The upright and front-facing position of the chair exudes a regal elegance, both enticing you to sit on it, as well as intimidating you.


After finalizing the general design language of the website. Our next challenge it to integrate it to Secretlab’s existing infrastructure. Secretlab uses Shopify to manage their inventory and checkout process. Our choice was to build a website separate from Shopify, so that we could have more control over the visual aesthetics of the website — this also opens up the possibility of collecting valuable data that would allow us to further improve the user experience of the Secretlab website (ie. A/B testing) — and not be jailed by shopify’s limitations.

It was an interesting journey working with Secretlab to understand their product and eventually design and integrate their website with Shopify. We are really glad we managed to seamlessly combine two services into one single integrated experience for their customers.


Working together with Secretlab, we were able to tap both of our potentials in a much more direct way — and successively, we were able to leverage on their domain knowledge and dive deeper into our creative thought process. We developed a working relationship with Secretlab that was a perfect example of collaboration.

“Caffein8 offers extreme value for the kind of result they produce. They have both the design & technical expertise that is usually only found by integrating different departments of a larger firm. I’d highly recommend Caffein8 to anyone who has a vision and wants beyond a ‘functional website’.”


Managing Director