October 16, 2015
July 15, 2014
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KAFVE approached us regarding their non-existant online presence and the design of their marketing materials to improve both their online and offline branding.

They provided us with their requirements and design language. They wanted something clean, concise and modern. We immediately mocked up a quick landing page and subsequently pushed that online while we continue to work on the final design of the official website.

Our idea was to have a coporate video playing on loop right on the first page of the website. Due to time constraints on filming, we need to have something on the main page before the video is optimized and ready. We decided to go with a slider while the video was still in the post-production stage.

We are grateful for KAFVE for granting us free rein with the creative direction of their corporate video. After post-processing, the video is finally live on both YouTube and their official webpage.

KAFVE also wanted to have a page to showcase and document their journey and heritage as they grow. We felt that having a heritage goes in line with coffee production, so we decided to come up with an about page that resembles a slideshow, documenting their events, testimonials and amount of coffees served. Public reception was great during KAFVE’s subsequent events.

As a part two of the solution for KAFVE’s online identity, we decided to incorporate social media into their website. We designed a gallery page that directly pulls from their instagram account, forming a full page collage. Clicking on the individual images brings you to their instagram page for the photos themselves so customers can like them.

We also crafted their contact page to have a marker for the last ten event they have participated in as part of documenting their footsteps. Recognizing that clients may be daunted at the sight of a quotation form immediately, we crafted the contact page to house 2 seperate forms. A more professional quotation form with logic jumps on the left and a simple, no-frills contact form on the right.

A third additional component that was added after launch was the KAFVE Blog. As an SEO effort, we decided to write our own simple engine for blogging. This brings another dynamic content to our website, which helps improves KAFVE’s social media standing. The events page also has the option to link to certain blogposts when their event coincides.

Below are some other promotional material we designed for KAFVE.